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Specialized mortgage solutions

Neighborhood Home Mortgage and related companies have been serving California over 65 years.  Since 1950, the companies have focused on originating high quality real estate loans as a direct lender.  The average tenure of each of the managers is over 22 years in the industry. 

Our primary market is California.  We are experienced in originating high quality loans secured by commercial, industrial and residential income properties.  Since we service all the loans we originate, we provide continuity throughout the life of each loan.  We maintain relationships with borrowers, investors and mortgage brokers based on deep experience and practices which meet the highest standards in the industry.

We provide Specialized Mortgage Solutions so there is a place to turn when you may be challenged to find a superior lender.

With our flexible lending guidelines, proprietary funding sources, and ability to see value overlooked by others, we can complete transactions that other lenders have turned down. 

Multi-unit Property